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Nitrogen Generating Machines for Lasers

Everyone knows that laser cutting material with nitrogen as an assist gas is an expensive process. Storing nitrogen on site is also an expensive process. Industrial Solutions has come up with a method to save money and therefore increase profits.

Industrial Solutions N2 Nitrogen Generating System

Industrial Solutions N2
Nitrogen Generating System

Industrial Solutions was established for the sole purpose of bringing PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Nitrogen Generation to the Metal Fabricating / Laser CuttingIndustry. With Laser Cutting experience dating back to 1985 and Fabricating experience back to 1963 we will
tailor a complete integrated PSA nitrogen generation system to your needs.
Our Guarantee:
If your PSA Nitrogen Generation System fails to live up to the specifications, we will buy the system back for full price within the first 90 days after shipping.
High Purity & High Pressures
With a maximum purity of 99.999% and high pressures as required, your N2 generation system will provide any application with the required conditions. High pressures are accomplished
via a nitrogen booster included with your complete system
Quality & Longevity
We provide Industrial duty systems that outperform and outlast the competition. Each nitrogen generation system is designed, built and factory tested to provide you with high purity and
high pressure nitrogen for 20+ years.

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